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Omnee Pro

Tired of this guy stealing jobs?

Meet Brody, bro. He's been in the industry for a bit. He helped his dad with some renos last year, and all that vast experience qualified him to start a construction company.

He needs to pay off his jacked-up truck...

He's getting opportunities that you should be getting, and he's undercutting your prices. He'll say whatever he needs to say to land the job, and raises the price later.

He really needs to pay off his truck...

You're left wasting time on estimates that don't lead to profitable jobs, and the industry keeps allowing these un-professionals to take over.


There's a better way to do business...

With the Omnee PRO mobile App, you can...

  • Make your business visible based on your experience, skills, availability and rates.
  • Receive consistent job offers from those looking to hire good subs, and cut back on your time wasted on estimating.
  • Prove your quality and reliability from the start, with built-in accountability features.
  • Use integrated contracts and communication tools to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Use a two-way rating and review system to evaluate each other when the job is done.
  • Use Omnee PRO to increase efficiency with a one-stop job management system.
  • Get help filing your taxes, payroll and other bookkeeping tasks with OmneeBooks.

We are still in the process of refining our technology to ensure the stability that your day-to-day business operations will require. We are aiming to go LIVE early in the new year (2020).

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